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Katimavik86 Solid, solid release and I'm giving it lots of repeats. I don't think there's a dud track. I don't see it showing up in many collections, appears to be somewhat overlooked. Favorite track: A sharp line.
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A sharp line 02:38
Once you sang our songs, and you screa­med out loud, you shared ide­als, maybe cared about? To grow up and to chan­ge is fine, but you cros­sed that final line. Chan­ge the lane but don‘t turn around, wrong-​way dri­vers will crash and burn! You can‘t hide your new fri­ends, don‘t ex­pect any to­leran­ce for fa­scist views or ra­cist minds, now you fol­low what you once des­pi­sed. And if your ma­roon turns into brown – there is not­hing to ac­cept! There’s a sharp line bet­ween right and wrong, there’s a sharp line bet­ween you and us. A sharp line! Don‘t fall si­lent, there will be no turning quiet. No sin­gle step back, we will stand with fo­cu­sed minds. There’s a sharp line bet­ween you and us.
Equal 02:12
I won’t stay quiet, won’t stop the fight against your world of defined roles. We all walk this path getting used to broken hearts, no differences should be made between any human kind based on their preference to whom to shed their heart. No questions should be asked to any one, based on their choice to whom to shed their heart. It is not whom - but do we love?!
Issues fading, times are changing – being tired of the youth gone wild? Another focus and a selfish backtrack, things looked different as a „child”. You never kept your anger and you always spoke your mind, but now you‘re smiling about the harshness of your former life. Now you’ve become what you never wanted to be, with an empire of fake problems in front of your TV. While millions and millions continue to suffer and die, you found out that organic beef silenced the outcry? Maybe you’re right and your after-work-yoga is more important! Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, year after year. Every hour, every day, every week and every single year – try to stay focused, evolve your mindset and use your anger! And every day you stay focused, every day is a new chance, a chance to better something, and all those little somethings will mean everything! So many problems, so few solutions, need for our awareness and our actions!
Race this mile with your bike, precious cargo stashed in steel, selfless mission on the road to save their lives from certain death. Walked your way, fought your fight, overcame fear - righteous life! Won the French race and climbed up so high, ruled in the alps - peacefully! Ride – for their freedom, ride – to save their lives, ride – for your freedom, ride – for your life.
Bad bargain 03:16
You grow the crops to feed our food, we want it all, it’s all our loot. But we won‘t let you starve and die. You can buy our waste, earning double, killing twice, that’s our way. Realize that the food on our table is not just killing living beings, but also hope and future in far distant places! We‘re going to kill you – with our diet, with our help, with all that we give! ‘Cause we will establish your addiction. Fed to death. We need to see this connection between all the sorrow and our consumption! We have to stop this madness – now!
No Victim 02:52
Let’s face the single fact, stop complaining. You lived there for two years, your folks moved in before, they were working for the Reich - that’s what you call your beloved home. No victim – Offender! You’re no victim - You’re the offender! A yesterday’s wolf in a democratic sheep skin. No victim – Offender! Under the guise of the so - called expulsion you hide your racism and your greed. Seriously – there is nothing to reclaim, the only thing that you have to be is thankful, thankful to be alive.
Set my own pace, see the routines fade. The air in my lungs, the sun on my skin, the sweat in my eyes - I’m alive! With every single step, with every cherished thought, with every broken dream - we promise to carry on! Limits fade when we overcome the limits of our fearful minds. With every single step, with every cherished thought, with every broken bone - we carry on. With an iron mind, like an iron mind, it’s a desperate fight. Step by step, mile by mile, dream by dream, carry on! Follow your own path to overcome this feeling of wasting time, there is so much out there to brighten up your life. The air in my lungs, the sun on my skin, the sweat in my eyes - I am alive.
How to stand your ground when the daily grind takes hold? How to step out of that faceless crowd? Ask yourself if you’re able to scream when nobody hears your words? Am I able to stand my ground while I’m trapped in those hands? Can I shout out real loud when nobody sings along? Sometimes you don’t know how to speak out. Try your best to fight for your desires every moment of your life. Progress comes in small pieces and with courage all the time! Violence is the game of those who are scared of a strong mind, we won’t be the ones that run blind. We need to be awake to live that dream. We won’t remain silent!


released on cobra records and hidden rainbow records



released June 15, 2014

barren is Ronnyx5. barren believes in a drug free and vegan way of life. Stay angry and question everything.

All songs recorded in November 2013 at Zett’s Tonkeller in Eisenberg and mixed and mastered in January 2014 by Jack at Atomic Garden Studios. Layout by Micha Walken. Thank you: Zett, Jack, Daniel, Anton, Micha, Konrad, Static Void, Failed Suicide Plan, Reckless Fight,xmomox and you.


all rights reserved



barren Jena, Germany

won't remain silent.

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