by barren

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a sharp line 02:47
Once you sang our songs, and you screa­med out loud, you shared ide­als, maybe cared about? To grow up and to chan­ge is fine, but you cros­sed that final line. Chan­ge the lane but don‘t turn around, wrong-​way dri­vers will crash and burn! You can‘t hide your new fri­ends, don‘t ex­pect any to­leran­ce for fa­scist views or ra­cist minds, now you fol­low what you once des­pi­sed. And if your ma­roon turns into brown – there is not­hing to ac­cept! There’s a sharp line bet­ween right and wrong, there’s a sharp line bet­ween you and us. A sharp line! Don‘t fall si­lent, there will be no turning quiet. No sin­gle step back, we will stand with fo­cu­sed minds. There’s a sharp line bet­ween you and us.
bad bargain 03:33
You grow the crops to feed our food, we want it all, it’s all our loot. But we won‘t let you star­ve and die. You can buy our waste, earning dou­b­le, kil­ling twice, that’s our way. Rea­li­ze that the food on our table is not just kil­ling li­ving beings, but also hope and fu­ture in far dis­tant pla­ces! We‘re going to kill you – with our diet, with our help, with all that we give! Cause we will es­ta­blish your ad­dic­tion. Fed to the death. We need to see, this con­nec­tion bet­ween all the sor­row and our con­sump­ti­on! We have to stop this mad­ness – now!
Is­su­es fa­ding, times are chan­ging – being tired of the youth gone wild? Ano­ther focus and a sel­fish back­track, things look­ed dif­fe­rent as a „child”. You never kept your anger and you ever spoke your mind, but now you‘re smi­ling about the harsh­ness of your for­mer life. Now you be­ca­me what you never wan­ted to be, with an em­pi­re of fake pro­blems in front of your TV. While mil­li­ons and mil­li­ons con­ti­nue to suf­fer and die, you found out that or­ga­nic beef si­len­ced the out­cry? Maybe you’re right and your af­ter-​work-​yo­ga is more im­portant! Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, year after year. Every hour, every day, every week and every sin­gle year – try to stay fo­cu­sed, evol­ve your mind­set and use your anger! And every day you stay fo­cu­sed, every day is a new chan­ce, a chan­ce to bet­ter so­me­thing, and all those litt­le so­me­things will mean ever­y­thing! So many pro­blems, so few so­lu­ti­ons, need our awa­ren­ess and our ac­tions!


demo 2012


released March 1, 2012


all rights reserved



barren Jena, Germany

won't remain silent.

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