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from anachronism by barren



Sometimes, it seems so hard to stand by your beliefs. There are times when you want to give up on them and opt for the easy way out. What if you’re alone and attacked by some Nazis? What if you’re trapped in some shit job and all your workmates are reactionary dickheads? What if you feel uneasy in your own neighborhood for whatever reason? The idea for writing the lyrics to this song came to me after finding a car plastered with stickers of Nazi bands parked outside my house. That really made me feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t sleep well that night, pondering what I could do. Acting the way that I felt was “right” in that situation would have had serious consequences for me, but doing nothing about it felt totally wrong. The next morning, I saw that someone had smashed all of the car’s windows and put an Anti-Nazi sticker on the hood. In the end, it wasn’t me, but it was very encouraging to see I wasn’t alone with my anger - even though I thought I was.


How to stand your ground when the daily grind takes hold? How to step out of that faceless crowd? Ask yourself if you’re able to scream when nobody hears your words? Am I able to stand my ground while I’m trapped in those hands? Can I shout out real loud when nobody sings along? Sometimes you don’t know how to speak out. Try your best to fight for your desires every moment of your life. Progress comes in small pieces and with courage all the time! Violence is the game of those who are scared of a strong mind, we won’t be the ones that run blind. We need to be awake to live that dream. We won’t remain silent!


from anachronism, released June 15, 2014


all rights reserved



barren Jena, Germany

won't remain silent.

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