Bad bargain

from anachronism by barren



Eating meat is just plain wrong. But what’s terrifying to see is, that it’s wrong on so many levels. The so-called First World is using developing countries‘ capacities to help it produce cheap food. Still our spoiled society consumes only a fraction of the slaughtered animal. Sadly, the story doesn’t end here. In order to maximize profits, meat producers sell the left-over and undesirable portions (e.g. chickens heads) to Third World countries. With the help of EU export subsidies, they offer those animal remains at an incredible low price. In 2010 alone, the EU exported 480,000 tons of slaughterhouse waste. Not only does this resale of waste not help the developing countries, it actually destroys the balance of the local agriculture and makes these countries dependent on First World leftovers—thus destroying their ability to be self-sufficient.


You grow the crops to feed our food, we want it all, it’s all our loot. But we won‘t let you starve and die. You can buy our waste, earning double, killing twice, that’s our way. Realize that the food on our table is not just killing living beings, but also hope and future in far distant places! We‘re going to kill you – with our diet, with our help, with all that we give! ‘Cause we will establish your addiction. Fed to death. We need to see this connection between all the sorrow and our consumption! We have to stop this madness – now!


from anachronism, released June 15, 2014


all rights reserved



barren Jena, Germany

won't remain silent.

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