Not Fading Away

from anachronism by barren



Problems won‘t disappear just because you grow older. There’s no reason to fall silent at a certain age - quite the opposite. The world is still full of shit to keep us from lowering our voices. A great idea is still a great idea, even if you yourself have given up on it. So who’s the one to be laughed at?


Issues fading, times are changing – being tired of the youth gone wild? Another focus and a selfish backtrack, things looked different as a „child”. You never kept your anger and you always spoke your mind, but now you‘re smiling about the harshness of your former life. Now you’ve become what you never wanted to be, with an empire of fake problems in front of your TV. While millions and millions continue to suffer and die, you found out that organic beef silenced the outcry? Maybe you’re right and your after-work-yoga is more important! Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, year after year. Every hour, every day, every week and every single year – try to stay focused, evolve your mindset and use your anger! And every day you stay focused, every day is a new chance, a chance to better something, and all those little somethings will mean everything! So many problems, so few solutions, need for our awareness and our actions!


from anachronism, released June 15, 2014


all rights reserved



barren Jena, Germany

won't remain silent.

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