A sharp line

from anachronism by barren



Life is de­ter­mined by pro­gres­si­on. We shouldn‘t stand still but im­pro­ve our­sel­ves every day and, by ex­ten­si­on, so­cie­ty its­elf in the long run. But even if the world would stop turning, there are is­su­es that are not ne­go­tia­ble. You may chan­ge your li­fes­tyle or your so­ci­al en­vi­ron­ment, but cer­tain “opi­ni­ons” and be­ha­vi­ors won‘t be ac­cep­ted or to­le­ra­ted. Ra­cism, fa­scism, ho­mo­pho­bia, xen­o­pho­bia, se­xism, an­ti-​Se­mi­tism and the likes are op­po­sed to ever­y­thing we con­s­i­der basic va­lues and prin­ci­ples in the punk/hard­core scene – as well as in de­mocra­tic so­cie­ties in ge­ne­ral. If you can’t agree to the basic prin­ci­ples, there’s no place for you here. You’re an enemy.


Once you sang our songs, and you screa­med out loud, you shared ide­als, maybe cared about? To grow up and to chan­ge is fine, but you cros­sed that final line. Chan­ge the lane but don‘t turn around, wrong-​way dri­vers will crash and burn! You can‘t hide your new fri­ends, don‘t ex­pect any to­leran­ce for fa­scist views or ra­cist minds, now you fol­low what you once des­pi­sed. And if your ma­roon turns into brown – there is not­hing to ac­cept! There’s a sharp line bet­ween right and wrong, there’s a sharp line bet­ween you and us. A sharp line! Don‘t fall si­lent, there will be no turning quiet. No sin­gle step back, we will stand with fo­cu­sed minds. There’s a sharp line bet­ween you and us.


from anachronism, released June 15, 2014


all rights reserved



barren Jena, Germany

won't remain silent.

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